Dog sledge

Let a pack of strong dogs lead the way, as you enjoy the beauty of the breathtaking Winter landscape. In cooperation with local sledge drivers from the Aasiaat Dog Sledge Association, we arrange two separate dog sledge experiences. On both trips we provide transportation to the location of departure, as well as tea, coffee and cake for the trip.

Trip 1: A one hour ride around the island of Aasiaat, with a view of the Disco Bay.

Trip 2: From Aasiaat you cross over the frozen strait to ”the Hot Springs”, where you can drink from the clean spring water. This is a two hour trip.

*Customized overnight trips can be arranged.


Ice fishing

Catch your own dinner through a hole in the frozen sea, as it has been done in Greenland for generations. Join our fishing trips and go out with a local guide to chop you own hole in the ice. The trip includes coffee/tea and cake. Duration is 2-3 hours.

Snow mobile trips

Our snow mobile trips provide a unique opportunity to experience the Winter-world of Aasiaat. In cooperation with our local guides we arrange the exact snow mobile experience that you are hoping to bring home, suiting your exact wishes and ambitions. Take a trip around the Aasiaat Island, a trip to ”the Hot Springs”, or one of the nearby settlements.

All snow mobile trips include coffee/tea and cake.


Whale safari

The Seamen’s Home Hotel offers various whale safaris, giving you the chance to experience some of the most magnificent animals on close hold. Especially Humpback whales and Minke whales are regular sights in the area as they spend the summer playing in the area outside Aasiaat.
All whale safaris include coffee/tea and cake.

Trip 1:

Join a local sailor for a whale safari: All boats are approved for tourism.

Trip 2:

An extension of trip 1, with a visit to the Whale Church Yard, and time for fishing.
The chance of a catch is high, as the ocean is rich on large codfish.

Trip 3:

An extension of trip 2, where we make our way to ”The Hot Springs”, located in a unique and different landscape. Here you can taste the fresh water from the springs and enjoy the spectacular nature.

hval safari

Rent a bike

A bike trip around Aasiaat gives you the chance to freely explore the town and get a unique feel of the area’s varying nature and terrain.
The Seamen’s Home Hotel offers four high quality rental bikes, and we gladly guide you to the best routes and destinations.


Ask for opportunities in the reception.