The Seamen’s Home wants to take a social responsibility in our local community. Therefore we support a range of local initiatives and social projects, and host a range of events during the year.



Every year at Christmas we invite everyone to come and join our Christmas Dinner at the Seamen’s Home Hotel. This is a night of delicious food, dancing around the tree, fellowship, presents, and shared joy.

Event day

Every other Saturday between 3 and 5 pm, during the Spring and Summer months, we host an event day for all kids who have turned 7. We hang out, play games and sports, and have fun for a good hour. Finally, we end with a snack and a talk around the fire. The event is free, and everyone is welcome – parents included. CSR 2

Friday night café

Every third Friday we invite all GU-students to a Friday Night Café in our living room, between 7.30 and 10 pm. Here we play games, hang out and talk. There is always fresh coffee, cake and lemonade – all free of charge. usually we sing a few songs and listen to a biblical reflection to end the evening.

Visiting the local prison

Every Thursday, our volunteers take a trip out to visit the inmates at the local prison. They bring along coffee, cake and a good cheer. They spend the evening playing games, talking, and listening to their stories. These evenings provide a bit of light in the lives of the inmates, as well as the volunteers.

Visiting Ships

We visit all trawlers that dock in Aasiaat, offering them the daily paper and various magazines. Often we take a walk around the harbor to talk to the locals.

Solar Cells installed at the Seamens Home in Aasiaat.

In march 2015 we installed a 16 kW solar cell production.

The installation consist of 85 solar panels from Hyundai Heavy Industries wich covers an area of 137 square meters and with 2 Danfoss Solar Invertere ot the type FLX Pro10.


The calculated production is 19.000 kWh annually. The first 10 month the production was 18.700 kWh.

In the lounge in the Seamens Home you can see informations about the current production of power.

In autumn 2015 the capacity was expanded to 26 kW.