The town

Aasiaat, with its 3.100 inhabitants, is located in the south western corner of the Disco Bay, at Greenland’s west coast.

Aasiaat used to be a Danish colony under the name of ”Egedesminde”. Egedesminde was founded in 1763 by Niels Rasch Egede, who named it after his father, the priest Hans Egede, known as “the Apostel of Greenland”.

Even though fishing is the towns main industry, Aasiaat, with its local high-school and school for disabled, is also the educational center of Northern Greenland. Apart from the educational institutions, Aasiaat is a town with a wide range of occupations. Aasiaat is home of a prosperous shipyard and a large container harbor, as well as an airport.

In many ways Aasiaat is similar to most of the larger towns in Greenland. The town has a small hospital, a nursing home, a kindergarten, a day nursery, a public school, a library, a youth club, a sports center, and more.

Apart from a range of both small and large companies, the town is home of the Aasiaat Radio; the core of Greenland’s coastal radio service.