Greenland Extreme takes you heli-skiing! You’ll be brought to a desolate mountain by helicopter. From here you get to ride the best lines of untouched powder. The season goes from February to April (depending on the weather).

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The Greenlanders, along with other Inuit people, have a long tradition of oral storytelling.

Many pre-historic narratives and stories found in Greenland are identical to stories still told in Canada and Alaska. 

The stories have always had a strong educative purpose in Inuit culture and history.

Storytelling events take place in the local nature, outside Inuk Hostels – or at the local café, depending on the weather.

The stories are told by experienced storytellers, and you will have a chance to ask questions and discuss the stories.


Endless opportunities for fishing, sailing and visits to local shores along the inland ice. You can join one of the regular trips, or plan your own trip to one of the nearby shore-settlements.

Or, you can join a guided trip around the town, go for a helicopter ride, go hunting, or take part in a traditional Greenlandic hot-stone BBQ. 

Ask for further information in the reception.  

Rental bikes

A bike trip in Nuuk gives you the chance to move around freely and experience the towns varying nature and terrain. Bikes can be rented in various rental shops in Nuuk. 


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A daily moment of prayer

Monday through Friday we host a small reading and reflection in the living room at 9.45 am. We sing a few hymns/songs in Danish as well as Greenlandic, and listen to a word from the Bible or another devotional book.