Social Commitment

"Besides supporting various local social initiatives, Hotel Nuuk Seamen's Home carries out deaconal work; we visit the elderly at the retirement home, the imprisoned and arrange weekly childcare events. As a Seamen's home, seamen and fishermen have a special place in our hearts. This is the reason why we have engaged a seamen’s minister, Mr. Søren Eriksen, who also visits the trawlers that call at Nuuk. Besides that, Søren is a part of the staff at Hotel Nuuk Seamen's Home where he is available for confidential as well as for informal conversations.

Cultural exchange

Every year we offer 6-8 young people an opportunity to experience the most beautiful part of the kingdom and get firsthand knowledge about Greenlands rich culture. Read how Camilla has experienced being a part of an international workplace:

"People here and nature make living in Greenland the wildest experience I have ever had. Most Greenlandic people have the laidback attitude "everything is going to be fine". In the beginning it was a challenge for me because back in Denmark I like to have an overview of everything, make plans and be in control of it all. When I come to think about my encounter with Nuuk, three things come into mind: Openness, Love and Community. I have experienced how people accept you the way you are, valuing a straight forward approach, giving love to each other and giving a hand whenever possible. They live in a small community that sticks together and work together in such a way that everything works out - that has been some of the best things coming to Greenland. My relationship with nature has grown stronger and from my window I can admire Gods marvelous creation.

Social responsibility

The Seamen's Home has existed for more than 40 years and has throughout that time been a place full of committed local employees. In addition we also want to give a chance to people who are not in the labour market. Therefore we often arrange for - in cooperation with municipal authorities - flexible jobs that take the needs of the individual into consideration.

CSR Greenland

The Seamen's Home is a member of CSR-Greenland. Together we work towards a social, economic and enviromental sustainabel development in Greenland.

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