In the Nuuk Kangerlua inlets you find the two settlements Kapisillit and Fiskenæsset, and their 68 and 248 inhabitants (2007), as well as a range of vacation house areas – often in abandoned settlement areas. Across the inlet from Nuuk you find a relatively flat area of land, the North Land (Akia), which provides good conditions for hunting reindeer.

From the bottom of Nuuk Kangerlua you can walk to the ice cape. Visiting these inlets you might encounter seals and whales, and on land you might see both reindeer, mountain hares, a polar fox and other wildlife. The polar bear used to be a rare sight around Nuuk, but today it is a regular visitor in the area.

The mountains around Nuuk include the local trademark Sermitsiaq. Sermitsiaq is 1.207 meters high and connected to the smaller mountains Little Marlene (450 m), Great Marlene (770 m) and Hjortetakken (1190 m).