Rental bikes

Experience Sisimiut and the surrounding nature from a different perspective!

The Seamen’s Home rents out high-quality mountain bikes.

The price is 150 DKK pr. day and 100 DKK for half a day.  

Sailing and hiking

Experience the abandoned bay, Assaqutaq, which is used for kid’s camps during the Summer. On the way you might see a humpback whale! Or go on a fishing trip at Kangerluarsuk Tulleq.


Dog Sledge Trips

Through the centuries, the dog sledge has been the primary means of transportation in Greenland during the Winter, and today the dog sledge is still an essential part of Greenlandic culture.

Join one of our dog sledge trips to experience Greenland’s amazing nature and the extraordinaire cooperation between driver and dogs. Trips are booked in the reception at the Seamen’s Home Hotel. All trips can be booked in advance.

Short trip (2 hours)

This short dog sledge trip will give you a feel for the ancient discipline. We ride to the foot of Niujarfik, from where there is nothing but untouched nature in sight.

Half-day trip (4 hours)

On this trip you get a true feel for the dogs’ abilities! We move through a varied terrain, and the many hills allow the driver to demonstrate his skill and experience. This trip takes you to Qiterlinnguaq, where you get a chance to enjoy the astonishing winter landscape. Also, we come by a strange little hut, shaped as a UFO.

Full-day trip (7 Hours)

Join this trip if you want get the full experience! The dogs’ persistent work and the driver’s abilities are put on display throughout this full-day trip. The destination is Qiterlinnguaq, where we make a short break. From here you continue down the steep mountain side and out onto the ice cape, which takes you to the bottom of the Kangerluarsuk Tulleq inlet (”The First Inlet”)

Snow mobile trips

During the last 20 years, the snow mobile has taken over for the dog sledge. There are endless ways to experience Sisimiut’s amazing back country, and a guided snow mobile trip is no bad choice as it lets you cover a vast area. Experience the top of ”Solbakken” (394 m) or the spectacular view from the K6 Advantage Point.

All trips are booked in the reception at the Seamen’s Home Hotel. Trips can be booked in advance.