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Seamen's home


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Seamen's home

The seamen's home takes social responsibility in town. We do that by supporting local initiatives and arrange our own.

Every christmas we open our doors and invite people to spent their christmas eve with us. Around 50 people participates each year.

In the summer holiday of the schools we arrange all sorts of games, activities, storytelling and much more.

Every week we visit trawlers with fresh newspapers and we often take a walk on the harbour with warm coffee and time to have a talk. We're also visiting the prison of the town regularly and the elderly in their homes.

So when you decide to stay with us, you're supporting these activities and more. Thanks!

Conference and events

Vi fulfill you purpose for meeting


The Seamen's homes has years of experience in conducting all sorts of conferences and meetings. Vi do all we can to your conference runs smoothly and without any interuptions to everyones satisfaction.

Since we're also a hotel and cafe, it's easy to organize longer events lasting for days. We can organize all the facilities such as beds, meals and conference rooms. We'll take care of the practical part while you can focus on the actual content. 

Our 3-stared conference facilities are equipped with the latest IT-equipment, WiFi, ekstra grouprooms and much more. Contact your desired Seamen's home by clicking this link. We look very much forward to seeing you with us! your next event

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