· the land of senses ·

Explore the biggest national park on earth. Dive into ancient history.
Be seduced by local cuisine. See the landscape pass by from the seat of a dog sledge.

Feel, taste and experience Greenland!

Travel as the Inuits has done it for thousands of years
In Greenland dog sledging has always been the primary mean of transportation during winter - and it still is several places. Feel the rush of history and see Greenland dressed in white.
Breathtaking nature
Grab your hiking boots and get ready. Greenland has the worlds most untouched nature.
See the giants of the ocean close by...
Thousands of whales are every year coming up north to the west coast of Greenland. Here you can see them very close by - even without camera zoom...


Hiking trips

Do you enjoy hiking and exploring nature with fresh brewed coffee in you backpack? The Seamen's home is your perfect starting point. We'll help you plan your trip from A-Z.

Biking trips

A bike trip gives you great mobility and a good feel of the city character and changing scenery.

Sport fishing

When the char is coming into the Greenlandic fjords in Juni you better be ready. Greenland is the sport fishers Mecca!

Whale safari

Feel the whales untamed strength in the short glance they're looking up into our world. Be ready with your camera and capture the picture of your life.


Experience Greenland from the sea. Visit former villages or discover small islands or fjords. If you love fishing or would like to see whales we can definitely arrange that too.


Get close to nature with Kayaks. See seals and whales at very close distances. Learn the eskimo roll by inuits and much more.


Nuuk is the political and economic capital of Greenland and has a lot to show. From spectacular architecture to breathtaking views of the surrounding sea and mountains.


Helicopter trip

If you wan't to see Nuuk and the surrounding fjords and mountains from the air we can make all the organization for you.

Dog sledging

Through hundreds of years the dog sledge has been the primary mean of transportation in Greenland. Experience the breathtaking beauty of the Greenlandic wilderness.

Snow mobile

Greenland is a Mecca for driving snow mobile. Endless space, untouched snow and beautiful nature. Come with us on a guided tour or go for your self.


Greenland Extreme flies the adrenaline junkies to isolated mountains, untouched snow and dumps them on the highest peaks.

Ice fishing

Bring your warm clothes and get out on the ice for some ice fishing. Fight your way through the ice, let go of the hook, light your pipe and wait. And then...