Nuuk is Greenland's capital. It lies just 240 kilometers south of the Arctic Circle at the beginning of the enormous complex of fiords: Nuuk Fiord. If you look North-East in Nuuk you'll see the iconic Sermitsiaq peak and to the South-East you have the beautiful Great Malene. The nature is always close by when you're walking in Nuuk. Just look up.

The Nuuk fiord complex (Nuup Kangerlua) is the second biggest fiord in the world and the Narsap Sermia-glacier fills the fiord with icebergs.

Nuuk is a big city according to Greenlandic conditions, but the mighty nature dominates. We pass charming wooden houses in the old town by the harbor and the modern, award-winning cultural center Katuaq, University of Greenland (Ilisimatusarfik), Greenland's Cathedral (Annaassisitta Oqaluffia) from 1849 and the National Museum. This tour by bus provides a good overview of Greenland's interesting capital. 

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