Dog sledging


Our four-legged friends up and down the country are ready to give you an experience of a lifetime. Try your hand as a musher and steer your own pack of dogs for several days, or enjoy the view as a passenger on a one-day dog sledding trip. Huskies, the breed commonly used for dog sledding, are strong dogs. On a typical trip, they will pull you at high speed through the white wilderness. And as the wind slaps you gently in the face, you will get a taste of what life was like in the old days, when dog sledding was a much more common mode of transportation.

Experience the beautiful backcountry of Sisimiut by dog sledding.

Short trip (two hours)

On this dog sled ride you get a good feeling of dog sledding. We drive out to the foot of Niujarfik, where you get to see a magnificent scenery 380 degrees around you.

Half a day (4 hours)

On this tour you will really experience what the dogs are capable of! We ride in a varied terrain, and the skills of the rider are demonstrated on the ups and downs. The trip goes to the viewpoint Qiterlinnguaq, where you can enjoy the beautiful snowy landscape. Nearby is a quaint cottage, shaped like a UFO.

Whole day (6 hours)

The tour is for those who wants it all. The dogs' hard work and the skills of the musher are experienced several times on this trip. The trip goes to the viewpoint Qiterlinnguaq, where we make a short stop. Afterwards we drive down the steep mountain side and out on the sea ice to the bottom of the fjord Kangerluarsuk Tulleq (First Fjord).

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