Courses and conferences

Focus on the important

At the Seamen's Home we have years of experience in conducting courses and conferences whether it's for 5 hours or 5 days. When you hold your conference with us you can leave all the practicalities with us . We'll take care of snacks, sleeping facilities, conference facilities and the provision of meals. Then you can focus on the actual content of the conference.

Your course - your needs

According to your individual requests we can make a individual offer.
We have group rooms and corners in which you can part up in groups during the course. In the breaks you can enjoy the beautiful view of the sea from your private terrace and maybe get a glance of a whale.
We'll do everything we can to meet your specific wishes.

Of course we have projector, Wifi, access to printer, group rooms, corners and all that but

you won't notice

What you and your participants will notice is the stillness and a uninterrupted flow and a undisturbed flow though the day.

Enough space

Our conference room with sea view accommodates up to 30 and 18 persons.This also accounts if you want rooms for the night and full pension for the participants. For your own sake please be out in good time with booking., da alt så bliver nemmere.

A positive attitude

We'll give you 3 examples on spontaneous requests we have fulfilled for our customers

1) "We would love to bring our participants on a city-tour. Can we bring coffee with us?"
("Yes of course")

2) "Can the kitchen prepare the dinner an hour later than planned? We won't make it till 6.30!"
("Yes of course")

3) "3 of our participants are allergic. We didn't know - can you make something special for them?"
("Yes of course")