About Nuuk

The heart of Greenland

The heart of the nation. Greenland's largest city and capital. Enjoy the diverse dining and shopping options. Here, Greenlandic art and food flow together in an enchanting experience.
Take a stroll down the street and fall in love with the diversity you encounter in the cityscape.
Nuuk Fjord is sometimes overlooked, but its complicated fjord system is the second largest in the world filled with lakes and islands waiting to be explored by boat or kayak.
Locals also offer trips to abandoned towns, high mountains or on a sled behind 10 strong huskies. Nuuk naturally lends itself to hiking, hunting and fishing. If you're the nature or culture loving type - then welcome to Eldorado!

Hiking, concerts, hunting, night life. There is plenty to do in and around Nuuk.

Experience world-class gastronomy. The Greenlandic kitchen offers the finest cuisine as well as freshly caught fish over bonfires.

Greenlandics love music. Local and foreign artists are often performing in Nuuk. Don't miss it out.

Please contact us if you wish to rent a car while you're in Nuuk.

There's plenty of connections from Nuuk to others parts af Greenland and Denmark and Iceland. Book now.

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