Seamen's home

A good cause

"More than a hotel" is more than a slogan to us. It's our goal. We want to be a place where everyone can come by for a cup of coffee, some food and maybe a good talk. Every week we visit then children at the Childrens Home, the inmates in the prison and we arrange  childrens days during summer.
As a Seamen's Home seafares and fishermen has a special place in our heart.Therefore we've hired a sou-chef Simon Søvndal, whos special responsibility is our missional and diaconal work on the harbour as well as in the city. Besides this we're visiting the harbour on a regular basis.
All our profit goes to welfare for seamen and fishermen in Greenland and Denmark.

What is happening?

På Sisimiut Sømandshjem sker der altid noget. Men af faste aktiviteter for alle kan nævnes

Devotion mon-sun 10.00 - 12.00.
We sing some songs together (in Greenlandic and Danish) and listens to a devotion.

Sunday gathering every sundag at 14.15-15.15
We sing some christian songs, listens to a sermon and ends with cake and coffee for everyone. Welcome!

Knitting café wednesday at 19 - 21.00
Vi mødes og strikker sammen, mens vi får rede på verdenssituationen og andre vigtigere ting… Kom ned forbi og få mere at vide – over en kop kaffe.


Hotel Sisimiut Seamen's Home is a cozy 3-stared family hotel with 32 rooms. All rooms are light and cozy.
Desuden udbyder vi også flere bed & breakfast værelser.
The cafeteria are open till 22.00 each night and is visited by guests as well as locals.
Hotel Sømandshjemmet Sisimiut bliver ofte used for courses and meetingsand we have good facilities with several large meeting rooms.

Work with us

We are hiring on a regular basis and you're very welcome to fill the application form found below and send it to us. Alternatively you can stop by the Seamen's home and fill an application form on paper.


Daily management

Jytte and Preben Andersen has since the 1st of September 2016 managed Hotel Seamen's Home, Sisimiut.

Overall management

Business manager Erik Ramballe Hansen is in charge of the Seamen's Homes in Greenland.

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